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Separation and Divorce

At Bastows, we offer a comprehensive service to cover all aspects of relationship breakdown. We aim to provide sympathetic support and robust divorce advice.

If you or your partner have decided that your relationship is at an end and that you wish to divorce you will need comprehensive advice on UK divorce law from experienced divorce lawyers. It is important to ensure that the divorce lawyer you instruct has sufficient experience and expertise in Family Law. Family Law is a complex area of law and you need a divorce lawyer who is robust and fair and who can advise you fully on the implications of any action you may wish to take.

It is confusing setting off on the divorce and separation journey and you need to decide which option is best for you:

Divorce Options

Agreement Direct with your Ex-Partner

This is potentially the swiftest and cheapest option but you will need a divorce lawyer to convert your Agreement to a Consent Order and advise you whether the agreement can be made legally binding and to ensure you have included everything – such as removing your claim on each other’s estate when you die.

Negotiation Via Divorce Lawyers

Once you have given your divorce solicitors the full financial details for both you and your ex partner the divorce lawyer should be in a position to recommend an offer to settle. We will advise you as to your best outcome and the worst case scenario. Negotiating is not about achieving everything you want but we will do our best to ensure you obtain a good settlement. It is important to remember that you cannot force the other side to negotiate and if a stalemate is reached then the only way to ensure a resolution is to make a Court Application. Most people are able to navigate their way through the divorce journey without resorting to a Court Application which saves on legal expenses, stress and acrimony.

Collaborative Law

This is a fantastic method of negotiation which involves respect and harmony. Both parties instruct an experienced divorce solicitor who is also trained in Collaborative Law. The divorce lawyers and the parties work together at a series of round table meetings to obtain a settlement that works for the family as a whole. Each party has the support of their divorce solicitor but legal advice is given to both of you at the same time. An agreement can be reached swiftly and fairly.

Family Mediation

A neutral, impartial qualified Mediator who is also normally a qualified Divorce Solicitor, facilitates the separating couple negotiating and reaching their own agreement at a series of meetings. A mediator cannot give legal advice and it is important that you seek advice from your own Divorce Lawyer prior to and during the mediation process. Mediation normally takes 3 to 4 sessions.

Court Application

Sometimes people need a judge to make a decision and solve an intractable dispute – such as “Should we sell the house?” We are able to represent you in all manner of Court Applications relating to Family Law. Throughout the process we will constantly seek a means of negotiation and settlement with the other side to resolve the dispute.

Sometimes you have no choice other than to go to Court, sometimes your ex partner will be determined to involve the courts and you need to defend yourself in litigation. When you need our help we will be there to advise and guide you.

The Divorce Petitioner

For the divorce petitioner, we will:

  • Take your instructions as to the breakdown of the marriage.
  • Advise you which Divorce fact to proceed on.
  • Draft the Divorce Petition
  • File the necessary documents with the court.
  • Advise the other side that we are acting on your behalf and have filed the petition.
  • Supply and file your Statement in Support.
  • Request Directions for Trial.
  • Apply for Decree Nisi.
  • Apply for Decree Absolute.
  • Keep you informed of progress

The Divorce Respondent

 For the divorce respondent, we will:

  • Take your instructions as to the breakdown of the marriage.
  • Consider the Divorce Petition
  • We advise on the Petition and the Petitioner’s costs.
  • File the Acknowledgement of Service on your behalf.
  • We will advise you when Decree Nisi is to be pronounced.
  • If your spouse is seeking costs we will write a letter to support your position.
  • Supply Decree Absolute.
  • Keep you informed of progress.

Divorce Law is subject to constant change, and when you go through separation and divorce you need to feel confident that you are doing the right thing and getting sound divorce advice. Each relationship breakdown is individual and may require help in different areas. As specialists in Family Law, we can advise you in all areas relating to the breakdown of your relationship.

For more information or to discuss your circumstances with our experienced divorce lawyers, call Bastows on 02380 236025 and a member of our team will be happy to help you.

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