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Divorce Settlements

At Bastows, our experienced divorce solicitors can assist you with a divorce settlement to help protect your financial security in the event of a breakdown in your relationship.

It is important to instruct the right divorce lawyer to negotiate a financial settlement and we understand the importance of securing your future finances for both you and your children.

Financial matters in divorce are a separate legal action to the administrative process of a divorce petition. You can get a divorce in England and Wales without finalising who gets what financially, however it is important to ensure that financial matters are finalised, otherwise there is the potential for your ex-spouse to make a claim against you in the future.

Full Financial Disclosure is essential before a divorce financial settlement can be made. Once the parties have exchanged full financial disclosure each side should be in a position to proceed with the divorce settlement without the need for the court to interfere.

Some couples are able to negotiate a divorce settlement via family mediation or via negotiation between themselves and their divorce solicitors. If there is sufficient assets and good will between the parties then Collaborative Law can be amazingly successful at obtaining an agreement in circumstances where both parties have the benefit of legal advice and the support of their divorce solicitor throughout.

However, if this is not possible an application to the family court becomes necessary. The effects of marriage and divorce may continue until a final court order is made in respect of the divorce settlement. This is called a Consent Order.

It is not possible to draft a Consent Order without expert legal knowledge, so it is essential that you instruct an expert divorce solicitor to ensure that your Consent Order includes everything that can be included and is legally binding. It is important to bear this in mind if you are seeking a quick divorce or, as it is sometimes termed, a “quickie divorce”.

For more information about divorce settlements and to find out how we can help, please contact us on 02380 236025 and a member of the team will be happy to assist you.

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The Little Book of Divorce

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The Little Book of Divorce Dilemmas

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Although we primarily operate in Southampton, Portsmouth, London and Surrey, we can act for clients both locally, UK wide and internationally for clients getting divorced in England and Wales.


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