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When can I see my Children now we are in Tiers?

Published: 7th December 2020 - Category: Children - Author: Lynne Bastow
Child Alone With Teddy Bear - Children

When can I see my children?

How does Covid 19 affect me seeing my children?

The Government has made it clear that Covid 19 restrictions should not interfere with a child’s right to see both their parents, especially when their parents are separated and live in different households. Children should be able to travel freely between both households. People have different attitudes towards parenting and social distancing and this can cause difficulties when separated parents interpret the rules differently. It can also make childcare arrangements complex and worrisome… especially if each household has further extensions… for example… the separated parents each live with new partners who also share care of their own children with their ex partners.

As of December 2020, total lockdown was  lifted and the country has gone back to the tiered system. However, with the Christmas period coming up people are anxious to understand what are the current rules for separated parents and how they differ during the Christmas break.
Children can travel between separated parent’s households
A child under 18 who lives with the resident parent can still meet the other parent. They can in addition form separate support bubbles e.g. one support bubble between the mother and her parents and another with the father and his parents. They can also have a childcare bubble to provide informal child care for children under 14.
Contact with  Children Over Christmas
Between 23 and 27 December 2020 the contact between the child and parent shall remain the same but in addition you can form a ‘Christmas Bubble’ composed of people from no more than 3 households. If you are currently in a support bubble then that shall be treated as one household towards the three household limit. Child care bubbles can still be used during this time but only if necessary. An important note to make is that if you still meet people from your child care bubble during this time then your household and the child care household shall be treated as two households towards the three household limit under the ‘Christmas Bubble’.
In summary… the Government restrictions concerning Covid 19 should not interfere with children of separated parents spending time with both their parents… especially over Christmas.
Christmas is already difficult for children who have separated parents… a reminder that yet again Santa has not granted their secret wish of their parents reuniting. It is important to ensure that children are able to spend quality time with both their parents without feeling guilty or being forced into a battle. Of course this does not apply in situations of child abuse or neglect or where one parent is seeking to bully and control the situation.  For the majority of children, how the separation is handled by their parents, makes a big impact on the quality of their lives. It is the acrimony between their parents that is the most damaging.
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