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Lynne Bastow

Lynne Bastow is a Collaborative Lawyer and began her law career in 2001 and has over 19 years experience as a family law solicitor. Lynne leads Bastows from her offices in Southampton, Hampshire, she is a qualified Mediator, a High Court Advocate and a member of The Association of Family Law Practitioners.

The lawyer you choose to represent you is incredibly important and Lynne provides the best advice and aims to get the best possible result for her clients. She is a highly experienced advocate as her clients discover when complex finances and child custody are involved.

“You are unique as a solicitor – prepared to give advice and an opinion”.

Lynne is the author of The Little Book of Divorce and The Little Book of Divorce Dilemmas

Lynne is an experienced advocate and negotiator and is passionate about Family Law.

In her own words:

Energetic, innovative, committed and determined to help all who approach me on their divorce journey and feel relieved that they have instructed me. Plus, I will help you understand what the options are and make an informed choice as to what to do next.

I am an experienced, creative advocate and a very resilient negotiator, generous with my time and advice and forthright in helping people. I have 4 patient children who describe me as a workaholic. My negotiating skills are not as effective at home!

These days a few people think a DIY divorce is feasible and look up spurious advice and often outdated laws on the Internet. They later find, to their emotional and financial cost, that the Law is not a easy to understand common sense arena. Don’t be fooled or get bullied by the very person you are divorcing or their lawyers! If your former spouse has instructed lawyers you will be at a severe disadvantage if told to agree to things “to save money” that you realise are completely unacceptable later. Divorce legal fees are not as expensive as living with a disastrous settlement.

I have been through a divorce so can empathise and understand what you are going through. It is scary instructing a divorce solicitor – having to tell them the most intimate details about your life. You have done your research, maybe spoke to some friends, looked on the internet and now you KNOW you must get concrete legal advice. As daunting as it may be… I HAVE BEEN THERE AND UNDERSTAND!
I can assure you from experience, you will get through this difficult time of your life, and I will help minimise the anxiety whilst ensuring your family’s welfare is kept in safe hands.

Get in touch with me today so we can put you in a leading position for the best possible outcome for your situation. I will walk you through the simple process, and help you get the best possible outcome from your position. Get in touch with me today to get 20 years experience defending you.

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